Christmas Morning Traditions

26 Dec

Well, another Christmas has come and gone.  As we are all picking at turkey leftovers and gathering our ingredients to make our traditional turkey soup, I thought I would share with you my Christmas morning tradition.

When we were growing up, Grandma would stay over every Christmas eve.  That meant that my sister, Cherie, and I would sleep in the same room.  Well, I say sleep, but can you really get a good nights sleep when you know that Santa is going to come and bring you presents?  I didn’t think so 🙂

Cherie and I had a deal.  Whoever woke up first, would wake up the other and we would sneak out to the living room to look, but not touch, the presents from under the tree.  We would stare at the gifts and try to decide which were hers and which were mine.  Then we would scurry back to our bedroom to discuss the bounty that we saw and stay there till 6:30am, which was the predetermined time when we could wake up our parents and Grandma.

Now, lets face it, when you are a child, there is no possible way you can think about food and breakfast when you have gifts waiting for you in the other room.  So, the deal our parents made with us was, you can open your stockings when we are all awake, but then you have to eat breakfast before opening up the gifts from under the tree.  Ah man, that is such a long time to wait!

In order to sweeten the deal, our Christmas morning breakfast consisted of little boxes of cereal from Kelloggs.  You know the ones, tiny little boxes of sugar, all lined up and waiting to bring our energy and excitement to a whole new level 🙂

Each Christmas morning it was the same routine.  I would call dibs on the Corn Pops (and sometimes there is only one), and Cherie would get the Frosted Flakes.  We would have to eat the cereal from the box (cut open by Mom or Dad) and carefully fold a paper towel under it, just incase the box was punctured in the opening process.

For my sister and I, this is a wonderful Christmas memory.  Each year, I spend Christmas Eve at my sisters, with her husband Dwayne and their son, Samuel.  Every Christmas morning, we still have the same routine.  Whoever wakes up first, wakes up the rest of the house and then we open our stockings.  Once the contents of the stockings have been discovered, we grab our little box of cereal and eat before opening up the rest of the presents.

I hope that each of you have a wonderful holiday filled with food, fun, laughter and love!

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