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03 Aug

I am a reluctant runner.  I can and have run long distances, but it is always begrudgingly.  I am always very, very happy to see the finish line.  On the other hand my sister, Cherie, is a motivated and inspirational runner.  In fact, if it weren’t for her encouragement and support, there is no way I would have accomplished all that I have.

In 2010 I had set a goal for myself of running in 10 races and covering a distance of 400kms.  Cherie agreed to do these along with me.  It was a tough year, but I managed to run in 12 races, covering a distance of 641kms and a total running time of 109 hours.  My greatest distance was 130kms in just under 24 hours.

That same year, Cherie completed 13 races.  She ran over 730kms and had a total running time of 103hrs.  Cherie’s longest distance was 176kms in 24hrs.  If you are a bit of a numbers geek like I am, you can easily see that she is a faster runner than I am.  Her average speed is just over 7km/hr and mine is just under 6km/hr.

In 2011, Cherie and I went on a 100 hour camping & running adventure.  We camped out for 4 nights and we each ran our farthest distance to date.  I covered 250kms and Cherie was able to run over 320kms.

I still remember how I started doing these ultra-marathon distances.  Cherie and I were sitting at her dining room table.  It was a Saturday night.  Jamie and I were getting ready to go to a concert and Cherie was prepping herself for a 50km race the next day.  She mentioned how I should do the race with her, and I replied that I don’t run and would be super slow.  She then went on to inform me that there are walking categories in most races and I should give it a try.  I promised I would do the Around the Bay 30km the next spring.  She made me sign a piece of paper promising that I would sign up.  That Christmas she gave me a gift certificate to buy a pair of running shoes, and that was it.  I was hooked.

It is such a feeling of accomplishment to cross that finish line.  That feeling of “I can’t believe I was able to do that” is incredible.

*Another added bonus of doing long-distance running is that you get to carb load!  It is great if you are doing a number of races a year, because you are always eating 😉 !

Cherie has been a great source of support in my running.  She constantly inspires me to go the distance and push myself further than I thought was possible.  She is a fantastic running partner.

This summer, Cherie’s running accomplishments were recognized when she earned a spot on the Canadian National team that will compete at the 24 Hour World and European Championships to be held in Katowice, Poland on September 8, 2012 (

Qualifying for the event is only the beginning; there is still a great deal left to accomplish before she can put her shoe on the starting line.  Support is needed to help Cherie achieve her dream of competing for Canada on the world stage.

The amount of funding available through the Government of Canada is unfortunately limited, placing most of the responsibility for covering the expenses directly on the athletes. Therefore, in order to help offset the cost of her airfare, accommodations, transportation, and meals for the event, I am appealing to members of my community for their generosity and support.

A fundraising goal of $2,500 has been set.  If the amount of funds raised exceeds the total expenses, the remainder will be donated to the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program to help children who are less fortunate participate in organized sport and recreation (

Jamie and I are incredibly proud of all the Cherie has been able to achieve.  We have set up a PayPal Donation account to assist Cherie in her fundraising.  ( We pledge that Cherie will receive 100% of the donations received, and we will cover the administration costs.

Anyone who donates over $50 will receive a dozen homemade cookies, fresh from our kitchen.

We are appealing to your generosity, national pride and your sweet tooth to help Cherie achieve her goal so she can run with the Canadian National team at the 24 Hour World and European Championship in Poland this September.

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