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Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Milk

Strained Almond Milk

We go through a lot of almond milk. I use it in all of my baking. I drink it in my flavoured coffee. We use it to make turmeric tea. But the one thing I don’t do is drink it on its own. I find that the store bought almond milk has a bit of a chalky taste, so I use it in place of milk, but don’t drink it like milk. I had read that you could make your own almond milk, so I wanted to give it a try.

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Dirty Martini

Another Friday is here!  Normally I would want to wind down after a long week with a cold pint, especially since it is almost May, but Mother Nature has had a different plan for us, this week we had to pull our winter coats out of storage.  Brrrr (we actually woke up to snow on Monday!)

Since cold pints on a patio are out of the question, I think that the brininess of a dirty Martini is more in order!

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