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Braised Spinach, Leeks and Peas

Braised Spinach, Leeks and Peas

A few weeks ago I was watching the Food Network (no real surprise there) when Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Minute Meals came on. Now, I like these types of shows, however, I am quite skeptical that these meals can truly be prepared in fifteen minutes. By the time you get out all your pots, pans, knives, cutting boards and then prepare your food and measure out your spices, well, I just don’t think fifteen minutes is accurate, but the meals presented on this program are relatively quick and can be prepared for a delicious week-night dinner.

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Skillet Chicken Vesuvio

I was at the grocery store, when I saw a bag of fresh peas. Now, I love peas, but usually you can only find them frozen (which are a tasty cold treat if you are ever scouring around for something to snack on and you find your junk food cupboard bare – it is amazing the food we will snack on when hungry!). So, when I found this bag of farm fresh peas, I knew I had to find a recipe that would do them justice.

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