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Chicken with Sautéed Leeks and Sweet Potatoes

Chicken with sautéed Leeks and Sweet Potatoes

This is a tried and true recipe that I have been making for over four years! It is from the Autumn 2008 issue of the LCBO magazine. Actually, we first made this in the fall of 2008 when the magazine was released. What I love about this dish is that it is a one pot meal. Since everything is cooked in the same dish, it makes cleaning up after dinner a breeze.

I like to make this for dinner guests. Once it goes into the oven, it gives you time to visit and enjoy a glass of your favourite wine before the timer goes off 😉

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Spicy Avocado Chicken Salad

Spicy Chicken Avocado Salad

This week while grocery shopping, I saw a new salad dressing; an avocado dressing with lime and jalapeño. As I reached to grab the bottle and put it in my cart I thought, wait, I can likely make this at home. So instead, I went to the produce section and grabbed a fresh avocado and jalapeño pepper.

I wanted to make a salad that would compliment this flavour combination, so I went to my spice cupboard and pulled out a selection of spices. I thought that a spiced chicken breast served on top of mixed greens and topped with an avocado dressing would be delicious.

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Skillet Chicken Vesuvio

I was at the grocery store, when I saw a bag of fresh peas. Now, I love peas, but usually you can only find them frozen (which are a tasty cold treat if you are ever scouring around for something to snack on and you find your junk food cupboard bare – it is amazing the food we will snack on when hungry!). So, when I found this bag of farm fresh peas, I knew I had to find a recipe that would do them justice.

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Fennel, Apple and Chicken Chopped Salad

See, I told you I was on a salad kick right now! 🙂

I was looking for a salad that was different.  A salad that would provide an awesome flavour punch and would satisfy us as a meal, not just a side dish.

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Lemon Baked Chicken

Chicken.  You can cook it so many ways.  It is delicious and healthy, but it is easy to fall into a routine when cooking this on a very regular basis.  I came across this recipe on the Kraft website and immediately book-marked it and sent the link to my sister.

Jamie and I eat a lot of chicken (as you already know) so another recipe for our weekly repertoire is always good, but what caught my attention with this preparation was lemon.  Yum, I love lemon, so I knew I had to try this one out 🙂

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Slow Cooker Butter Chicken

I was standing at a supermarket check-out when a Canadian Living magazine featuring Slow Cooker recipes caught my eye.  As I picked up the magazine and started flipping through it, a Butter Chicken Recipe peaked my interest.  Then the dilemma set in; do I need to purchase another cooking magazine, or do I try to find a similar recipe on-line?  My pocketbook won the internal debate, and when I arrived home, I started searching for a Slow Cooker Butter Chicken recipe on the internet.

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Chili Chicken & Peppers

Well, I am back with another super easy chicken recipe 🙂

Chicken is our go-to dish for any night of the week.  We grill it (on an indoor grill), bake it, pan fry it, stuff it, or even throw it in the slow cooker.  But, as I am sure you can appreciate, when you eat chicken almost daily, you really need to experiment with flavours or else you will get bored.

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