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Pizza Bianca

This is actually the very first recipe that I ever made from America’s Test Kitchen (ATK). I had purchased one of their magazines during a grocery store outing, and while I was flipping through the pages, a photo of a gorgeous pizza crust caught my attention.

Even though the directions for this recipe are lengthy, it is actually very easy to make. There is just something magical about making bread. You throw some pretty basic ingredients together, and they just grow into something beautiful and delicious.

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Basic Pizza Dough

I think that Friday night is the perfect pizza night!  (well, actually I could likely eat pizza every day of the week, but Friday’s just seem a bit more right for pizza 🙂 )

If you have the time making your own pizza dough is pretty easy.  Plus there are two obvious benefits:

  • You know all the ingredients that are going into your pizza
  • It is so much cheaper than having one delivered

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Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Jamie and I eat pizza at least once a week.  It is my one true vice.  I could eat pizza every day, for every meal, and be quite happy.  We love pizza so much, that we even ordered it for our wedding rehearsal dinner 🙂

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