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Coconut Crusted Salmon

Salmon Filet buried in a heap of coconut

Salmon is one of those things that I really enjoy, but when we are in the grocery store I don’t find myself drawn to it. Sometimes I have to be reminded how much I like salmon. Well, coming across this recipe for Coconut Crusted Salmon was one of those reminders.

I was looking to plan a dinner party, but because Jamie and I are trying to stick (more or less) to our low carbohydrate lifestyle, I wanted to host dinner, but have it be low carb-ish. I have never tried to cook an entire meal like this for other people and I wasn’t quite sure what the reaction would be.

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Tilapia Provençale

Jamie and I had the pleasure this summer of stumbling upon a few used book sales. This is a fabulous way to spend a Saturday morning, with your coffee in hand and browsing through well loved books to discover a hidden gem.

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